Inspired by the rhythmic flow of Colorado’s rivers.

Nestled in the Colorado foothills, we have been making acoustic string music for decades. The beauty of our location, near the tailwater of South Boulder Creek, inspires us to create music and the instruments we love to play. Our region is famed for acoustic instrument building and Tailwater Instruments strives to continue in that tradition.

Based on classic designs, expanded with the best innovations in modern instruments, our mandolins are beautiful, easy playing, and sound amazing.

Taking cues from the symphony of nature’s essence.

Our instruments combine the best materials, sourced worldwide. Our woods include Maple, Spruce, and Ebony from North America, Europe and Africa. The hardware comes from the USA, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Tailwater instruments are designed by our team members in Boulder, Colorado. Our hardware selection is guided by our team in Tokyo, Japan. All of our instruments are hand-built by our shop luthier in Shandong, China, and our cases are made by a dedicated team in Guangdong, China. Final instrument setup is completed in Colorado.

Just as our materials come from the best available in each region, our international team brings together all of our strengths to make the best instruments from them.